Rounding Table

The Rounding Table that allows for rounding of prices in your inventory. To enable the Rounding Table option, you have to enable the "Utilize Rounding Table pricing" option in System | Company Setup | Properties | Inventory Page 2.
The actual table itself is maintained and setup within IC | Support Files | Rounding Table.
The maintenance screen is split into two sections: Dollars and Cents. The top section will round dollar values up to the amount entered into columns A-J. To create a new rounding rule, right click in top section. This will bring up an edit form, allowing you to enter values for rounding.
Instructions are written on screen for additional help. Once all the desired values have been entered, click OK to add it to the table. In order to add, edit, or delete rules from the table now, right click on an existing rule and click the desired option. The bottom section rounds cents up to the entered values. The steps are the same as before, only you will want to right click in the bottom section. In the bottom left of the maintenance screen, there is an Example field, allowing you to test your newly created rounding rules. Clicking Close will ask if you wish to save the changes. Answering Yes will complete the process.
Note: If the Retail Price is directly changed within the Inventory File, any rounding set in place will NOT be used