PO Receipts

Reports on all items entered as being received in inventory can be generated.
Report Type
The detailed report will display all information about the received items, including the date received, PO number, Vendor ID, quantity, cost, and the item number/description of the given item. The Summary report will only display the item number and description of the item received.
Order by
This allows you to organize the report by the options given. You can order the report by item number, date received, or by the vendor ID.
Enter the range you wish the report to display from. The example above will only show items received from July 1st, 2008 to July 15th, 2008.
Report Filters (Right Side)
On the right side of the report is where you enter the majority of the filters for the actual report. Depending on what you want the report to actually show, you can enter as many or as little (or none) information in these filters. Granted, the more filters you have, the more detailed your report will be. If you leave all fields blank, it will report on ALL items that match the parameters set on the left side. The filters on the right are as follows:
-Vendor ID (entering a portion will report on any vendor ID that matches the entered portion; if this is left blank, the report will show all vendors)
-PO Number
-Item Number
Sample Report (Detail)
Sample Report (Summary)