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Service Tickets

The warranty and responsible party information is applied to each item entered into the detailed invoice screen.  If Warranty Work is not checked on the main screen, the system will not include this additional prompt during the posting of items into the invoice detail.
If the service ticket includes a warranty claim, the system will prompt the user to select which responsible party the billing should be applied.  The item can only be assigned to one of three parties: customer, main unit warranty, or engine unit warranty.
In the following example, an item will be entered into a service ticket and the system will prompt for proper billing application of the current item.  A mulching blade will be added to the service ticket and billed to the customer’s billing.
Next, the system will prompt the user for the appropriate Payor.  The available Payor list is depending upon the warranty detail setup maintained within the Main tab.
In this example, the mulching blade will be billed to the customer.
An additional item has been added to the service ticket, but will be charged to the ABC001 vendor for the repair of the carburetor on the Briggs and Stratton engine (this is maintained in the "Payor" column).