Sales Orders 1

System options for Sales Orders.
  Sales Orders 1

Sales Order Deposits

Enter the appropriate liability account for Sales Order Deposits. When a sales order is created, a deposit may be required. When the sales order is shipped, the account will be debited for the amount of the deposit.

Utilize Generic Sale Order Customer

Generic Sales Order Customer


Default Number of Days for SO Expiration Date

The number of days before a SO will expire.

Sale Order lookup - Only show specific type with SO # entered

This option will only show the SO if it is in the selected filter type on the find screen.

Pre-Enter the Serial Number during the creation/edit of a Sales Order

The item's serial number is to be entered during the creation of a sales order instead of PO Receipt.

Ask to Print "Sold Tags"

A prompt for Sold Tags of items on-hand is displayed at the completion of the sales order.

"Contractor" mode Sales Order

In contractor mode, sales orders created for a customer may be linked to a customer that has been checked as being a contractor. A contractor is selected for the sales order. When the items are purchased on the contractors purchase order, a job is selected to identify the sales order and connecting it to the job.

Show SO Cost & Profit Margin

This option will show the cost and profit margins on the selected sales order.

Update Special Order Receipts in IOR Receipt

Checking this will update any special order receipts in IOR.

Use Customer Address for Ship To when Blank

The Ship To field is filled in within the customer's address if it is left blank.

Exclude SO from POS Import

Sales Orders are excluded from the Import options in POS.

Exclude prompt in PO Receipt to check for Sales Orders

PO Receipts excludes the prompt to check for Sales Orders.

Exclude prompt in PO Receipt to print labels

Excludes the prompt to print labels in PO Receipt.

Automatically Flag Special Order Items in POS

Items that have been identified as special order in the Inventory File items are identified as Special Order automatically during the Ring Sale. The Special Order button is not needed to mark an item as a special order.

Prints SO Back Order Quantities

All items are printed on the invoice with the quantity received. Back ordered items are then flagged with the appropriate quantity. This requires a modification of the invoice form to display the back ordered quantity.

PO Creation from SO Only flag items for order that are Special Order

This option, when created a PO from a SO, will only flag items for order that are tagged Special Order.

Include the Sales Order comment when importing into Ring Sale

Checking this option will allow importing the comments entered on a sales order when bring the sales order into Ring Sale.

Require Delivery Charge on Quotes and Sales Orders

This option requires a delivery charge to be added when creating a quote or sales order

Security required to Cancel, Edit or Add a Sales Order

With this option checked, the system required that the user have the correct permissions selected within their Security Group to cancel, edit or add a sales order (or quote).