Updating Inventory Retail Prices from an Electronic Catalog Update

The final step is to update the current inventory's retail prices to that of the recently updated electronic catalog.  The following instructions outline the process.
Select IC | Maintenance
Select ECatalog Price Control from the Maintenance Menu.
Select New within the ECatalog Price Comparison screen to begin a new Ecatalog Price Update.
Locate the vendor to which the electronic catalog has been recently updated and select Accept to continue.
Filter the selection by Class, Manufacturer, and/or Last Update date, if desired.  Select Continue.  
Note: When the electronic catalog is updated, the date of this activity is noted within the electronic catalog file.  The beginning date shown within the Last Updated date range should include the date on which the electronic catalog was last updated.  If the date of the last electronic catalog update is not within the indicated date range, the system will not update the retail price in the inventory as expected.
The system will then locate and present the desired list of items into the ECatalog Price Comparison screen.
Once the selected items are presented, a number of options are available to the user to update the prices.  The basic concept is this:
Pricing will be driven based either on the ECatalog pricing as shown by the red box around Retail
Pricing will be driven based on Desired Gross Profit(Desired GP%)(information on Desired GP%) pricing as shown by the red box around Desired GP% Retail
When you have completed the price updates, select Set New Prices to update the prices within the actual inventory file.  If you do not select Set New Prices, the retail price of the inventory will not change. You may stop at any time by selecting the Save button and keep doing the current "job" that you are working on and then return and reopen the saved job. Selecting Print labels will send labels to the printer or print queue for the indicated items.
Selecting Copy All Prices does not update the price in the inventory file.  The next prompt "Set New Prices" will complete the update task.
To update the retail price in the inventory file, you must select "Set New Prices" and answer the following question.  Depending upon a number of variables, the list of questions can change so pay attention.