Price Book Maintenance

To activate this feature, follow the steps below.
1. Go to IC->Support Files->Recommended
2. Select New
3. Select when to Prompt for the items. This can either be after an item is entered or at the end of the sale.
4. Next select the grouping the recommendation belongs to. This grouping must have a class to activate. You can further filter it by code, fine, and subfine, but you will always need to have the previous category (i.e. you can have class,code,fine,sub-fine, but you can not do class,fine,sub-fine because you do not have a code selected.)
5. The Message field is for asking your question. (i.e. Would you like....?) In the image below I have just put 10.
6. The final item in the recommended setup is to add the Yes and No item. For instance, if I buy a washing machine, yes could be a hose, where as no could be a declined comment item.
7. Click OK to save.
8. Now you will need to go to System->Company Setup->Inventory Page 2 and check the box for Turn "ON" item Recommendations and save.
Once you have completed the steps, you can test the feature by going into ring sale. When you enter an item that meets the criteria setup in the recommendations section, the following will display either after entering the item or at the end of the sale depending on when you chose to display recommendations.
On the POS Screen you will see the recommendation added and also to what item it was added to: