The Utilities menu allows you to perform maintenance tasks for the AR module.

Combine Customers

1. Combine Customers
This allows you to combine two customer files into one.  Upon clicking Combine Customers, the following warning is displayed:
After ensuring no other users are working with either customer file to be combined, type YES to proceed.  The Combine Customers Form opens. 
The information on the left is for the customer you wish to keep, while the information on the right is for to customer to be combined.  This customer file will be deleted after combining.  Click Find to select each customer file.
Click Reset to clear the form and re-enter the customer files.
Click Combine to combine the customer files.  Once combined, this cannot be undone.  You are prompted to confirm you wish to combine the customers.  Type YES, and click OK.
A message is displayed when it is complete.
For more information on combining customers, see the video 02-111-000 AR: Combine Customers.

Post Tab Invoices

2. Post Tab Invoices
This is used to post invoices for customers who use tab invoices.
Upon clicking Post Tab Invoices, customers using tab invoices are listed on the left, and the customer's invoices are listed on the right.  You can check or uncheck the box to the left of a customer or invoice to select or deselect it.
Select the invoices to post, and click Post Tab Invoices.
For more information on tab invoices, see System | Support Files | Customer Terms | Tab Invoices.

Auto Apply Credits

3. Auto Apply Credits
This allows you to automatically apply all open credits to customer accounts. This may be useful if a payment is posted as an open credit but is not later manually applied.  Open credits are posted using the automatic application method, starting with the oldest open invoice.
Enter the date used to calculate payment discounts, and indicate whether to include open invoice statement customers.  Click Continue.
You are prompted to confirm that you wish to automatically apply all open credits.
Note that customers who utilize jobs or who have No Auto Applying Credits checked in the customer file are excluded from processing.

Invoice Write Off

4. Invoice Write Off
This allows you to write off, or delete, a customer's invoices in the case that the account is bad or the customer is bankrupt.
Upon clicking Invoice "Write Off", the Find Customer screen opens for you to select a customer.  After selecting a customer, the Payment on Account screen opens. 
A message is shown to inform you that the customer has open credits if applicable.  If the customer has open credits, the Select Credit screen opens for you to apply them.
The Payment Application screen opens. Click Automatic to write off all invoices listed, or click Manual to specify which invoices to write off.  Enter the amount to write off for each invoice in the Pay Discount column.
Click Post Payments to complete the process.

Export Email

5. Export Email
This allows you to export customer email addresses to a CSV file.  Indicate whether to include the customer's contacts.
A message is displayed when the export is complete.
The CSV file can be imported into Constant Contact if desired.  For information on importing into Constant Contact, see Constant Contact.

BlueTarp Returns

6. BlueTarp Returns
This allows you to transfer invoices that have been returned through BlueTarp to your store.
For assistance is completing BlueTarp Returns, please contact TransActPOS Support.