DIB Orders

Using TransActPOS, users that order through Do it Best can select any DIB warehouse to ship items via UPS to either a store location or directly to a customer.

Order and Ship to Store

The first thing you want to do is create a PO with the vendor being Do it Best.
Next, enter in the items you wish to be ordered on the detail tab. For more information about this process, see Purchase Order - Detail Tab. When you have finished doing this, you can go back to the main tab to enter the shipping information. On the Main tab, you will see a box that has the shipping information (not address).
The screen above shows the area we will be working with. You can select the order type, how to ship the PO, and a comment. The other two options shouldn't be used in this case. To ship the order to a store through any DIB warehouse, select "Mbr RSC Order."
Once selected, the Ship Via drop down menu will be narrowed down to two options (UPS Next Day Air and Ground). Also, when Mbr RSC Order is selected, a new drop down option, entitled "Distribution Center," will be available. This is where you select the warehouse you want the order to ship from.
Once the order type has been established, the shipping method, and the distribution center has been set (and a comment entered if necessary), you are ready to save the PO. Since this is coming to your store, the Ship To fields on the PO should match your store's address. Double check and make sure before saving.

Order and Ship Direct to Customer

The method of shipping an order directly to a customer is the same as above except for one step. You still create a PO with the vendor being Do it Best, you enter items in the detail tab, but you need to select Drop Ship PO under the Order Type. This will allow you to ship it directly to a customer. You still choose the shipping method and the distribution center (and a comment), but you need to edit the address as well. By default, your system will enter the store's address into the Ship To fields. Enter the customer's information and click Save.