Purchase Orders Module

The Purchase Order module manages the ordering of replacement and new inventory items into the Inventory Control module.  Purchase Orders may be created manually or from reorder reports using specified filters.  Depending upon the installation, the Purchase Order module may include electronic order processing, simplifying the process of placing orders with vendors.
The normal process of ordering inventory involves the creation of purchase orders, forwarding the purchase order to the vendor, then receiving the inventory and processing the purchase order to reflect the receipt of the purchased items.
TransActPOS includes utilities to streamline the process of creating and transmitting orders to vendors.  The ability to create purchase orders based upon usage and order points increases the efficiency of the purchasing staff.
System PO parameters and options are set in System | Company Setup | Purchase Orders 1 and 2.
Type of Purchase Orders
Three different types of purchase orders may be created and maintained within the system.
Purchase Order
Purchase Orders update inventory into the inventory control module upon receipt.
A Return Purchase Order is used to return products to the distributor or vendor from which it was purchased.  Upon completing the return order process, the inventory control module will be reduced by the indicated quantity.
RFQ (Request for Quote)
Request for Quote allows the user to create a purchase order but not affect the on order status of the items selected within the purchase order.  Once a RFQ has been accepted, the RFQ can be converted into a purchase order automatically.