Block POs

A series of blank Purchase Orders numbers can be created and printed for detail entry to be entered later. This is useful for people who work on the road and don't have access to a computer with TransActPOS on it at all times. These people can take a Block PO, fill it out with a pen, and when they arrive back at the store input the information to be saved in the system.

Create Block PO

Select the number of Purchase Orders to be created and click on the Create Block button.
Confirm the creation of the blank Purchase Orders.
The Purchase Orders can be printed in regular format or report format.

Post Block PO

Select the PO number to be posted.
Enter the Vendor ID or click on the Find Now button to select from the vendor list.
Enter the Main Purchase Order information and select the Detail tab to enter the item detail information.
Select Edit and enter the item information.  
Select Save when complete.

Unposted Report

Generates a list of all the unposted block Purchase Orders.
Display on the screen or print the list for review.