Modify Purchase Orders

Select the Modify PO button to edit existing purchase order header and detail information.  Selecting the Find button will prompt the user to locate an existing purchase order by PO Number, Vendor ID, or Vendor Company.  The PO Status of the purchase orders listing is divided into four categories: Open, Partial, Closed, and Deleted.  Open purchase orders contain items that have not been received, while Closed purchase orders have been received in full or have been manually closed.
 It shows the person that created the PO within the system. This find screen is also sortable if you click on the column header you wish to sort. It will sort the column in alphabetical order.
  Modify Purchase Orders

Enter PO Number to locate

1. Enter PO Number to locate
The vendor
Select the appropriate PO Type depending upon the purchase order type to be displayed.  
After a PO has been selected, the Main and Detail tabs provide access to the information entered into the previously saved PO.  The buttons at the bottom of the Main and Detail screens provide all the functions needed to modify the PO.