IOR Overview - True Value Company

Inventory Order and Receipt (IOR) is an inventory management tool specifically designed to make maximum use of the electronic catalogs for True Value hardware stores in the ordering and receiving process.  IOR assists in creating orders, communicating with centralized ordering, and receiving of ordered products.  Streamlining the entire process of ordering and receiving inventory is the main objective of this application.  The Options | IOR Menu | Reports screen provides a convenient way to review vendor events, costs, and sales history all in one place.  Cost and time savings have been proven within specific customer installation studies.
Note: Your Windows firewall can interfere with the correct operation of the required communications ports.  So, when the communications client requests access to the internet, please grant it.
On the TransActPOS main menu, select Options | IOR Menu.   Select the Proper IOR Vendor that is defined by the modules in your system.
IOR Overview - True Value Company          IOR Overview - True Value Company