IOR - Do it Best

Do it Best IOR System options.

Confirm Price at Receipt Screen

Prompt for price confirmation at the time the item is received.

Update Retail upon Electronic Invoice Receipt

Due to the warehouse printing new price stickers for the store, it delays the updating of an item's price changes. This option relays the retail price update to the time that the electronic order has been received. This option coordinates updating of the systems retail price with the receipt of the product and the new item labels. If you don't have IMCS, checking the "Update Retail upon Electronic Invoice Receipt" option will automatically update your retail upon receiving the order electronically.

Upload ONLY Retail price changes in PO

This option ONLY transmits retail price which have changed to the participating vendor.  If you subscribe to a retail pricing program hosted by your vendor and you want to override the price of some items with your own pricing, select this option.

Post qty ordered on MRI item receipt

With this option checked, the system will pre-load the quantity received with the quantity ordered.  Some installations prefer this method due to time restrictions.  
If this option is left unchecked, the system requires the user to enter the quantity received for each item scanned.  In most cases this method is preferable because it forces the user to verify the quantity received and will make inventory more accurate.

Ask Tote Question on All Item Invoice

Checking this will allow you to filter the All Item Import to only totes. Click here for a video.

Receive ECommerce (Ship to Store) Items into Inventory

This options enables the receiving of ECommerce (or ship to store) items to be entered into inventory for sale.

Voice for QTY during Receipt

Under development.

Print Label's Order Qty from Item Maintenance

The item's order quantity, as defined in the inventory file, is printed on the item's label.

Disable the Ecatalog Multiplier in determining the quantity received

When using IOR Receipt, this option will remove the use of the Ecatalog's multplier value when receiving a set quantity. This is useful when you are constantly receiving different values/UOM than listed in the Ecatalog.

Other Vendor Interfaces

Check any other vendor interfaces that are available.