System Resource Module

The System Resource Module provides a wide variety of functions for any of the TransActPOS installations. Core to the module is the configuration of the system available modules and selected options.
Click the links below to view the information page about the selected option. The links below provide a brief description of the option
System Resource Module
Company Setup configures company information, general functionality of modules, and general ledger account setups.
Each workstation must be configured for printers and the like before the full utilization of a feature.
The TransActPOS Time Clock allows employees full featured time clock capabilities from any designated TransActPOS workstation.
TransActPOS users, groups and allowed access are configured within the User Security section.
The GL Release feature allows the user to create the General Ledger release of information to the indicated general accounting system.
The Form and Label Editor provides editing functions for invoice, labels, gift cards, and service tickets.
7Support Files
The System | Support Files menu option provides access to the core controls for Sales Tax, Customer Terms, Return Reasons, GL Sales Codes, GL Accounts, States/Country, Text Msgs Mntc, and Store Listing.
File Maintenance provides a number of utilities to maintain balances, file structure, and program updates.
The Event Log contains an audit trail of occurrences within the system.
TransActPOS installations can access live desktop support for training and technical issues.
The TransActPOS application is a licensed product. The Serial Number and Activation Code in combination with the stated Licensee, determines the installed modules for a given installation.
System wide and store reports are available from System Reports.