Entry into the Texting Relationship

Making your customer aware of the new TransActPOS - Texting option takes a bit of advertising within your store's environment. Here are some options.

Customer Sign Up

With the TransActPOS setup complete, the next task is to make your customers aware of the available texting service. 
Create a customer-facing display, so the customer is aware of the available texting option for customer service. Typically the signage includes an engaging question like "Would you like text notification of your service ticket status? " along with the QR Code created from within TransActPOS and steps to completing the enrollment process.

The QR Code Invitation

The QR Code Invitation may be included on the receipt and other full-page documents.
·     Cash Receipts
Customer Invoice
·     Service Ticket
·     Rental Contract
·     Quote and Sales Orders
·     Customer Statement

Picture This

On a busy Saturday morning at the service desk, a  homeowner needs to repair a chain saw to remove a fallen tree from his property. So, you create a service ticket with his cell phone number indicated. You direct him to the QR Code instructions displayed on your counter to text Join to the indicated phone number.
The customer goes on their way. During the morning, your technician finds that the repair is straightforward and can be solved quickly. Upon completion of the repair, you text the customer, "Your equipment repair is complete and ready for pickup!" The customer replies with, "Thank you! I will get back to the store shortly." You select the customer's Pretext, "Great, see you then!" 
Multiple text conversations are visible within the TransActPOS Text Monitor screen at any workstation within the TransActPOS network. From this central point of view, you can see the two-way conversation with the customer to understand the conversation entirely.