Menu Bar

The Menu bar is located at the top of the TransActPOS screen and includes.  It consists of four menus: File, Tools, Window, and Help.
Menu Bar


Menu Bar
From the File menu, you can exit TransAct.  This performs the same function as clicking the Exit button, followed by the Exit button.


Menu Bar
The Text Monitor displays text communications between your store and your customers.  For more information on texting capabilities, see TransActPOS Texting.
Calculator opens a simple calculator.  This is the same as the Calculator button on the Main Menu.
Calendar opens a month-view calendar.


Menu Bar
This allows you to toggle between open windows if you have multiple screens open.  The Window menu is not available when certain windows are open.
You can minimize a window by clicking the minimize button in the top right corner of the window.
Menu Bar
Minimized windows are shown at the bottom of the Main Screen.
Menu Bar
Click on a minimized window to restore it to full size.


Menu Bar
Clicking TransActPOS Help opens the help file.  This is the same as the Help Center button on the Main Menu.
If you know the Help ID of a particular topic, click Go To Help ID and enter it to go directly to that topic.
For more information on using the Help Center and Help IDs, see How to Use This Help File.
Clicking About TransActPOS opens the About window.  This is the same as the TransActPOS button on the Main Menu.