Import Items

Properly formatted files can be imported into TransActPOS with new or changed information.
Clicking the search next to the Import File name field will list the Windows programs file list. Select the Windows file to be imported.
Change the "Files of type" from the default of Tables to Excel Spreadsheet if needed.
By default, all item field properties are checked to be updated if changes have been made. You may de-select certain fields if you wish.
The New Items box must be checked if there any new items in the imported file to be added.
If the Item ID may have been changed, check the Validate box to check the Item ID with the Item Number.
If the On-hand value may have been changed, check the Physical option. To change the On-hand value to the new value, check the Receipt option to add the value to the existing inventory.
Set the default value options if they have not been entered in the file for new items.
Enter a Sales Link Code if appropriate for all the items in the file.
Click the Import button to read the import file information into TransActPOS.