IC Maintenance Overview

The Inventory Control Maintenance menu controls the data files associated with inventory items.
Click the links below to go to specific page regarding that portion of this menu. The links below also offer a brief description.
IC Maintenance Overview
The Import/Export tool allows a means to enter and export data through various types of files and data bases.  The functions include:
The Combine Items tool enables the user to take two items or SKU's and make one SKU.  Total item histories are combined into the single SKU.
The Vendor change tool will enable the user to change from a current vendor to new vendor if certain criteria are properly met.
This tool will assist the user in managing Store Retail Prices compared to Ecatalog Retail prices.
This tool allows you to view and correct errors regarding unit of measure.
The Recalculate Order Minimums is a powerful utility which calculates the recommended reorder point based upon the average of up to 10 calculations.
The Ghost Item Auto-Post is the same report as the IC | Reports | Ghost Items report.
The Mass Item Changes tool is used to make changes to numerous items. This is helpful when changing all items to a certain class or location.
The Mass Change via List tool allows you to make mass changes to multiple items on a list. The list can be in CSV or XLS format.