PO Invoice Aging Report

The PO Invoice Aging report is a PO encumbrance report. It shows various information about the life of a purchase order in your system.

Type Report

There are two types of reports to choose from: Summary or Detail

Order Date

In the From/To fields, enter the date range you would like to report Purchase Orders on. If you check the All Purchase Orders box, all purchase orders in your system will be reported.


Here, you can select to include either open POs, closed POs, or both.

Order by

The option selected here will determine the order in which the report is ordered. You can order it by purchase order (number) or vendor.

Vendor ID

Within this field, you can filter the report down to a specific Vendor ID. If you enter a portion of an ID, the system will look and report on all Vendors who match the portion of the entered value. If you leave this field blank, the report will show all vendors.

Sample Report

The report will display the encumbrances of the POs created during the specified date range. The report keys are:
S  -  PO's creation date
P  -  PO's due date
T  -  PO's total
B  -  Unpaid balance
R  -  Received balance