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Service Ticket Module

The TransActPOS Service module is designed to aid in the processing of repair services.  Depending upon the type of business, the repair service may be the primary business or a department within a larger organization.  In either instance, the Service module handles the repair process in the same format.  System Service parameters and options are set in System | Company Setup | Properties | Service Tickets.
The following scenario is typical of a repair department:
  • The customer presents a product that is not operating correctly and is in need of repair.  The service representative obtains the customer’s pertinent information and the nature of the product failure.  The customer than receives a service ticket number and an estimated date of completion for the repair.  The service representative has created a service ticket containing the collected information and then placed this service ticket in line for repair.
  • The service technician performs the repair, indicating the time and parts required to make the repair.
  • The customer is notified of the completed service and the service ticket status is changed to a status of completed.
  • The customer returns to pickup the repaired product and is billed for their portion of the repair.  If warranty repair is indicated, the responsible parties are then billed through a separate process.
  • TransActPOS Service provides complete integration of the installations inventory, customer accounting and the service department.  
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