Sales Orders 2

Continued system options for Sales Orders.
Sales Orders 2

Exclude the "Copy" button from Sales Order Form

Removes the Copy button form the Sales Order form.

Use Enhanced Sales Order Details Form

Uses the Enhanced Sales Order form to create Purchase Orders directly form the Sales Order form.

Item entry at bottom of listing with Insert line option (Rt-Click)

This option allows item listing based upon when the items are entered. New items are entered at the bottom of the list. With this option enabled, you can also right-click in the listing of items to Select a specific line, insert an item above or below the selected line item, delete the line, or reset (allows item entry to continue as normal)

Ignore settings "Get Description, Quantity and Price"

Enhanced Sales Order for can be set to ignore the settings for getting an item's Description, Quantity, or Price.

Prompt for Sales Rep on New SO or Quote

Enabling this, when using Enhanced Sales Orders, will ask for the Sales Rep upon creating the SO

On Save of New SO ask Payment and Print Sales Order


Auto-Find on Modify SO

Automatically opens the Find Form screen on the Modify Sales Order screen.

Retain Search Option on Find form

When searching sales orders, ticking this option will remember the search options on the find form every time you go back to it.

Ship without regard for Available

Will ship a sales order, regardless of the available amount listed in the Inventory File.

Allow over-shipping of order items

Enabling this option gives the ability to pickup/ship an item from a Sales Order, even if the available amount of the item is 0. This will put the item availability into the negative until the item is properly received.

Create Pre-PO from SO Create POs function

Enabling this option creates a Pre-PO instead of a PO when pressing the create po button.

Ring Sale (F2) allow creating:

This option allows you to create certain things from the Ring Sale portion of TransActPOS, depending on what you have selected.


The ring sale screen will be used as it normally is


You can create a quote from the ring sale screen Sales Order: You can create a sales order from the ring sale screen Both: You can create both quotes and sales orders from the ring sale screen

Sales Order



Remove "Spec Order" Button in POS/SO

This option will remove the Spec Order button from the Ring Sale screen and Sales Order Detail screen

Create Standard Sales Order

This options cannot be checked with the Remove "Spec Order" option checked; This options will create a standard sales order when an item is "Spec Order"

Caption for Spec Order button

Depending on what you choose here, the "Spec Order" button in Ring Sale and Sales Order will have the selected text on it. You can choose from Spec Order or Order Item

Item Summarizing Action


Exclude print "Sold Tag" upon receipt of Special Orders


Include Printout of MSRP pricing


Fast Sales Order Edit

The Fast Sales Order Edit option allows the user to locate the sales order within the Sales Order Find screen, highlight the desired sales order and then press Enter.  The Sales Order will presented in the Item Detail screen in the Edit Mode ready for immediate item entry addition and other edit functions.   A similar option is available for Purchase Orders: Purchase Orders 2

Sales Order - Approved option


Inter Store transfer feature


Item Detail List Sub-Grouping

More details on this topic are found in the Quote and Sales Order documentation:  Item Detail List Sub-Grouping

Import Sub-Group Start

Import Sub-Group Stop

Sales Orders 2

Import Sub-Group Start

1. Import Sub-Group Start
The Sub-Group Start SKU is placed above the first item of a group of items to indicate the beginning of a list of items that will have a total retail value stated within the printed quote or sales order document.

Import Sub-Group Stop

2. Import Sub-Group Stop
The Sub-Group Stop SKU is placed immediately below the last item of a group of items to indicate the ending of a list of items that will have a total retail value stated within the printed quote or sales order document.

Sub-Group Total

3. Sub-Group Total
Based on the placement of the Sub-Group Start and the Sub-Group Stop, the Sub-Group Total will appear immediately below the Sub-Group Stop position.