QuickBooks integration setup
1. Install QuickBooks and create your Company File.
2. Point TransActPOS to your QuickBooks Company File.
a. Within TransActPOS, go to System > Company Setup.
b. On the left hand side, select “GL Accounts Page 1.”
c. In the drop down menu labeled “GL Release”, select “QuickBooks.”
d. Click “Save”
3. In QuickBooks, set up a user for TransActPOS.
a. Click “Company” at the menu across the top of the screen. Then select “Set up Users and Passwords,” and then select “Set up Users...”
b. In the next screen, click on “Add User...”
c. Fill out the username and password. It can be anything you like. For example, user name of “TransActPOS” and password “superstrongpasswordthatcantbebeat”
d. Once all of the fields are filled out, click “Next”
e. Allow access to all areas of QuickBooks
f. A warning window will appear. Click Yes.
g. Click Finish.
4. Add a “TransActPOS Vendor” in QuickBooks.
a. In QuickBooks, select “Vendors” on the menu across the top of the window.
b. Select “Vendor Center”
c. Click the “New Vendor” button.
d. IMPORTANT: TEXT MUST BE EXACT In the Vendor Name field, type in “TransActPOS Vendor”
e. Click OK
5. Add a “TransActPOS Accounts Receivable” asset in QuickBooks.
a. In QuickBooks, select “Company” on the menu across the top of the window. Then Select “Chart of Accounts”
b. Click “Account” at the bottom of the window. Then, click “New”
c. In the drop-down menu, select “Other Asset”
d. Click Continue
e. Type the number for your AR account in TransActPOS in the Number text box in the top right of this window.
f. You can name the Account “TransActPOS AR”
g. Click “Save & Close”
6. Run the integration for the first time
a. In TransActPOS, go to System > GL Release.
b. Make sure “QuickBooks” is selected for file format.
c. Click “Release”
d. Follow any on-screen prompts.
e. You should be prompted in QuickBooks to allow TransActPOS to access QuickBooks. Select, “Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.” Then, in the dropdown arrow next to “Login as:” select the user that you created earlier. Then click “Continue...”
f. A window will pop up. Select “Yes.”
g. Another window will pop up. Select “Done.”
h. TransActPOS will continue to Release GL.
You must have QuickBooks installed on the PC where you are releasing GL.
QuickBooks does not necessarily have to be open, or even used. If missing accounts are found, you will be given a report of the missing accounts. These are accounts that were not present in QuickBooks. You must add those accounts to QuickBooks.Be sure to use the exact account numbers that were reported to you. Once you have added the missing accounts, you must then attempt to release GL from TransActPOS again.