Mobile Point of Sale Options

Should you consider alternative checkout methods for your customers? The adoption of e-commerce has undoubtedly changed the economic landscape of the bricks and mortar space but are we overlooking some customer service opportunities right in our store?
During a recent camping trip, I stopped by a local farm supply store to refill the LP tanks on our travel trailer. The marked LP filling station was easy to access and a notification option to alert the staff of your service needs.  In a moment, the clerk arrived outside and filled the tanks, completed the sale with a mobile device, and I was on my way! 
The convenience of completing the sale right there was perfect, and I did not have the inconvenience of walking into the store and asking for service and then returning inside the store for payment.
I have always heard store owners talk about their desire to have the customer in the store make an add-on sale if they were shopping at the spring garden center. In my mind, I will always stop by this location to buy LP gas since they are saving me time and providing excellent service. If I need to get something else, I will certainly go inside and find the product, but the convenience factor of this service will have me going back.
So, how can TransActPOS provide this level of service for your customers?   Two options are available: Line Buster and/or Mobile Credit Card
Line Buster
Mobile Credit Card