TransActPOS - Help Center

Edit Invoice Header

Click the Find button to select the appropriate invoice.
Enter the appropriate invoice number or enter the Customer Number and select the Find Now button.
The information from the selected invoice will be displayed.
Select from the option buttons at the bottom.
Customer - change the customer name on the invoice if no payments have been made. If payments have been made, this button may not be available. Click on Reports | Payments to see if a payment has been posted to the invoice. If there has been one, the Customer button may be unavailable. You may also look at the Status to see if it was paid in full or not.
Note: The user must have the proper security access to change the customer on an invoice. Review System | User Security | Groups | POS Manager Screen Access to allow or disallow.
Details - display or print the invoice item details
Payments - display or print the invoice payments
Reprint - reprint the invoice with any changed information
Gift Given - change the Gift Given field on the invoice
Salesprsn - change the salesperson who will receive credit for the items sold
Comment - enter information in the comment field
Edit - edit will allow the changing of displayed fields (you can change the job if used, the customer if it is unpaid, the terms, and the PO number)
Find - search for another invoice
Close - closes the invoice header and returns to the Manager Screen
Reassign Invoice to a Different Job
There will come a time where you need to assign an invoice to a different job either because of error or the customer wants to change the associated job. If this occurs, you must go to POS | Manager Screen | Edit Invoice Header. From here, you need to find the invoice you wish to change. Clicking find will bring up a Find screen where you can enter the invoice number and/or customer number. Once you have located the customer's invoice, you can now change the job that it was associated with. Once you have made the proper changes, clicking Save will keeping the changes within the system.