File Maintenance

The POS | File Maintenance provides tools to aid in managing Promotions, Bad Check Maintenance, and Grid Layouts for the POS and Rental applications.
File Maintenance

Promotion or Sale Management

1. Promotion or Sale Management
This is the central location for managing promotional or "sale" pricing.  Promotions have a limited effective date range.

Bad Check Management

2. Bad Check Management
A list of customers producing bad checks can be added to the system and then referenced during the check payment process.

Picture Grid Management

3. Picture Grid Management
Two type of inventory are supported within the picture grids:
Grid Layout (POS) pertains to the grid presented in the item detail screen of Point of Sale, Quotes and Sales Orders, Service Tickets, and Rental Equipment (merchandise page).
File Maintenance
Grid Layout (Rental) is presented within Step 2 of the Select Rental portion of the Rental Contract.
Creation of the grid is covered within the Grid Layout Rentals documentation.