Sales Tab

Period sales information is maintained automatically.  The month and year’s sales values are based upon the current date of the workstation.  As the date changes, so will the reported total of sales.  No monthly maintenance is required.
Total Sales
The Total Sales indicates the sales (in dollars) for the current month and current year for the selected item.
Total Quantity
The Total Quantity indicates the sales of stocking units sold for the current month and current year for the selected item.  
Average Selling Price
The Average Selling Price is presented in both a current month and current year calculation.
Last Sale
The Last Sale indicates the last time this item was sold to a customer or was returned to the system through a refund.
Last Order
The Last Order date refers to the last time this item was placed on a Purchase Order.
The Entered field indicates the date when the item was first created in the system.
Sales History
For the current item, the quantity sold (Qty), if it was a promo in the month shown, total sales in dollars (Sales), average price (Avg Price), profit, and margin for each month during the indicated year is shown.  The Prior Year, This Year, and Next Year change the reporting year for the selected item. On the left side of the window has a 12 Mth and 3 Mth column, showing similar information from the right side. The Q stands for quantity sold, P for profit, and S is sales in dollars. Below these headers, an X indicates that none were sold in that time period. An N indicates that the item was never sold in that time period as it was not in the system at that time.
With version 3.035, the Sales History for the current year is displayed right on the tab by default. You can change the year being displayed like you would normally. You can also select to view a certain year on the tab and click the Sales History button (top right of the screen; near the on-hand values) to view a different year's sales. This way, you can compare side by side!
Show Ratios
The Show Ratios will display the GMROI, Inventory Turns, and Average Inventory for the item.