Warranty Overview

The warranty tracking capabilities of the TransActPOS Service module streamlines the process of tracking warranted repair services while performing multiple services.  Since the service ticket separates a unit into the main and engine components, separate warranty posting may be made to the appropriate responsible party.  The make, model, and serial number information entered in the Main tab is automatically transferred to the warranty detail screen.
Checking the Warranty Work box on the Main tab opens the Warranty Detail screen, which allows you the enter warranty information for the main body or engine as needed.
Warranty Overview

Warranty Check

1. Warranty Check
This is used to indicate that either the main body or engine requires work that is covered under warranty.  This must be checked to enable invoicing specific items and labor to the warranty holder.

Warranty Holder

2. Warranty Holder
This is the warranty holder for this portion of the equipment.  The warranty holder must be in the AR customer file or added as a new customer.


3. Authorization
You can enter the authorization number obtained from the warranty holder in this field.

Make, Model, and Serial No.

4. Make, Model, and Serial No.
This information is automatically copied from the Main tab.


5. Condition
This is the overall condition of this portion of the equipment as received by the service department.

Warranty Work Scope

6. Warranty Work Scope
This is a description of the work scope to be covered under warranty.

Warranty Filing and Payment

7. Warranty Filing and Payment
Dates can be entered for when the warranty claim is filed and paid.  Once the warranty work has been invoiced, the invoice number will automatically transfer to the Invoice field.  These dates will automatically transfer to the Warranty section of the Main tab.
After the warranty information is complete, it can be reviewed by clicking the Wrnty Detail button on the Main tab.
Warranty Overview