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Exceptions Report

The Exceptions Report allows you to monitor transactions that are outside normal processes at your store.   The following transactions will appear within the Exceptions report with the Date/Time, User name, Description of the transaction, the reference number, Z-Number of the shift (the physical location), and the amount of the transaction.  These are all important elements when determining if a questionable transaction has occurred.  Coupled with security camera and the ability to rewind to a specific period in time, this report is designed to help answer some tough questions.
  • Item Price Changes created within Point of Sale using Change Price (F4)
  • Item Cost Changes entered at any time within the system
  • Item Substitutions show any item substitutions that may have occurred
  • Voided Invoices made from within the POS | Manager Screen | Void Invoice.  Normal procedure for the store is to process returns not simply void an invoice
  • Canceled Sales are sales in which items have been entered into the POS | Ring Sale screen and then canceled.  The cancel could have occurred within POS | Ring Sale or within the Payment Screen of Ring Sale.  Was the invoice created to do a price check for the customer or was there an actual transaction that took place with the transfer of cash and then the invoice cancelled? This can be a determining factor in solving a loss of inventory without the reduction of on-hand values.
  • Over $ is a filter you can set for Voided Invoices and Canceled Sales to only show the respective items over a certain dollar amount
  • Removed Item(s) from Sale occurs when an item is removed from the system to no longer be sold
  • Cash Drawer Openings pressing the Open Drawer (F9) key will post a transaction to the Exceptions Report. Normally, manually opening the cash drawer should not occur.  
  • Reversed Payments are recorded from the POS | Manager Screen | Reverse Payment screen
  • Sales At or Below Cost can occur if the Change Price (F4) is selected and the price is changed below cost.  Within System | Company Setup | POS Information 1 and User Security | Groups | Access, there are ways that the system can restrict the user, but a number of management issues need attention to address the issue.
  • Price Discounts per Change Price (F4) are recorded in POS | Ring Sale
  • Time Clock Changes that are made in System | Time Clock | Edit Times
  • Customer changed on Invoice in POS | Manger Screen | Edit Invoice Header to edit invoice customer
  • Credit Limit Over Rides happen when the user sees the credit limit exceeded screen and clicks override
  • Items Combined in IC | Maintenance | Combine Items
  • Customers Combined in AR | Utilities | Combine Customers
  • Beginning Shift Drawer Amount Change in POS | Begin Shift | Open Drawer beginning shift amount was changed
  • Changes to Company or Workstation Setup parameters were made from System | Company Setup or System | Workstation
  • Deletion of Purchase Orders is when a purchase order has been deleted in PO | Modify PO
  • Changes to GL Distribution Accounts  is when a change has been made within the GL Distribution Report (change of accounts)