The Exceptions Report allows you to monitor transactions that are outside normal processes at your store.   


1. Order
You can order the results by date, type of transaction, or user ID.

Date Range

2. Date Range
Enter a date range.


3. Salesperson
You can filter results for the user ID from which the transactions originate.

Filter Criteria

4. Filter Criteria
You can filter search results by many criteria to pinpoint particular transactions.   The date and time of each transaction, along with the user ID, ZNumber, and amount are listed to help you locate a potential issue.



Item Price Changes
POS | Ring Sale Change Price
Item Cost Changes
Item Substitutions
Voided Invoices
POS | Manager Screen | Void Invoice; filter for items over dollar amount
Canceled Sales
Invoice canceled in POS | Ring Sale at Ring Sale screen or Payment screen; filter for items over dollar amount
Remove Item from Sale
Item deleted from Item Listing in POS | Ring Sale
Cash Drawer Openings
POS | Open Drawer
Reversed Payments
POS | Manager Screen | Reverse Payment or AR | Reverse Payment
Sales At or Below Cost
POS | Ring Sale Change Price
Price Discounts per Change Price
POS | Ring Sale Change Price
Sales Orders Deleted
SO | Modify Order
Reversed Reconciliations
POS | Manager Screen | Open Reconciled
Overrides Given to Other User
Overrides due to user security
Refund Exceed $100 No Max Refund
POS | Ring Sale | Refund
Time Clock Changes
System | Time Clock | Edit Times
Customer Changed on Invoice
POS | Manager Screen | Edit Invoice Header
Credit Limit Overrides
POS | Ring Sale | Payment screen manager override for account charge that exceeds credit limit
Items Combined
IC | Maintenance | Combine Items
Item Edits
IC | Inventory File
Items Deleted
IC | Inventory File
Customers Combined
AR | Utilities | Combine Customers
Customer Edits
AR | Customer File
Beginning Shift Drawer Amount Change
POS | Begin Shift | Open Drawer beginning balance
Deletion of Purchase Orders
PO | Modify PO
Changes to GL Dist. Accounts
GL distribution report change of accounts
Customer Request No Email
POS | Account customer email request
Stock Alert Acknowledgments
POS | Stock Alert
Changes to Company or Workstation Setup
System | Company Setup or System | Workstation
Company Setup Saved
System | Company Setup
Here is an example of a report with default settings: