Import Catalog

Note: Before continuing on with the Import Catalog process, go to IC > Vendors and confirm that the vendor related to catalog does exist.
Click Vendors for quick access to this topic.
Make sure to select the Ecatalog Vendor option within the Vendor tab.

More information is available Load an eCatalog into TransActPOS
Import an electronic catalog, select Import Catalog
Import Catalog
From the Import Catalog screen select the following items:
 Select the Import button to begin the import process.  Selecting Cancel will return the user to the previous menu selection.
If you are using one of the Custom format, the Spreadsheet Column Definitions screen will appear.  Within the Slect Columns section, assign each of the available field to the apploriate column value as seen below. 
Select Save
Import Catalog
Upon selecting Save, the system will begin the import process.

If utilizing on of the pre-configured vendor / manufacturer specific formats, A confirmation screen appears prior to appending records to the electronic catalog.  Select Yes to continue.
During the import process the system indicates the process of the system.
Upon completion of the import, review the electronic catalog for the new items appended to the system.
Select IC | Inventory Item | Find | Advanced Search | ECatalog. Enter the Part Number of a known catalog item (PTC will be used in this example).  The system presents the matching items and the first item will be selected.