True Value IOR Utility - Member Info

The True Value Member Info Utility is used to configure the communications settings.
True Value IOR Utility - Member Info

True Value Store (Member) Number

Each True Value store has a unique member number assigned to it which allows True Value Corporate to identify who is communicating with them.  


An additional option of a Suffix is available for sites which already have applications communicating with True Value with the store number.  

Distribution Center

Identifies the distribution Center that supplies the store.

Select True Value Vendor

This allows you to select the vendor that will represent True Value Corporate in the exchanges of invoices via IOR.  This vendor needs to first be created within TransActPOS as any other vendor would be before it can be selected.  Create vendors with IC | Vendors.

Broken Carton Charge %

Enter the Broken Carton Charge % rate specific to the store.

Set times for IOR updates

Select the Scheduled Times button to select, define the scheduled times within Scheduler and then Save Selections.

User Name / Password

Enter the User Name and Password for access to the True Value communications.

Set as Primary Vendor on Auto-Add Items

If your installation has a single vendor within the ECatalog, this option has no effect.  If more than one ECatalog exists and your have the Auto-Add option selected, this option will determine which vendor is selected when an item is automatically added to the system.
Here are the rules:
1. Auto-Add (bootstrapping) is turned on within System | Company Setup | ECatalog
2. Two vendors' catalogs are added containing the same item
3. The vendor catalogs contain the UPCs of the items provided
4. When an UPC is scanned at the Point of Sale or within the Inventory portion of the Wireless application and the system does not locate the item within the inventory, the system will try to locate the UPC within the electronic catalog.  
5. If there is more than one occurrence of the UPC in the electronic catalog and the "Set as Primary Vendor on Auto-Add Items" is checked, the system will designate this vendor as the primary vendor.  Otherwise, if "Set as Primary..." is not checked, the system will set the other vendor - the first one in the list if multiple others, as the Primary Vendor (PVPN).

Create Purchase Order Claim

If this option is checked, the system will create a return purchase order automatically when an item is refunded at the point of sale.

True Value's Variable Pricing Program

If participating in the True Value Variable Pricing Program, select this option to turn on the associated features.

True Value Data Share Program

Want to compare the retail prices of other TransActPOS sites?  The DWI Share module allows you to view the range of item rankings and retail prices of like items from other TransActPOS locations.  Data from participants is filtered so the location of the store is not revealed.

Use Broken carton Qty for Reorder Calc.

Select to use the Broken carton quantity during the reorder calculation.

Include Auto-Ships with Spec 72

Check this option in applicable. 

Spec 98 - eCommerce Prices and On-hands

Check this option to automatically upload retail price changes and on-hand quantity changes to the selected True Value eCommerce solution.

ECatalog Item Maintenance Update

Check the following options as needed.