TransActPOS Main Screen

The main screen is displayed when TransActPOS is started.  The main screen is divided into five areas.  For more information on the Main Screen, see the video Home Screen.
TransActPOS Main Screen

Menu Bar

1. Menu Bar
The menu bar can be used for basic navigation and contains a couple helpful tools.  For detailed information, see Menu Bar.

Main Menu

2. Main Menu
The main menu contains links to some commonly used features and basic information.  For detailed information, see Main Menu.

Module Menu

3. Module Menu
The module menu contains all the modules utilized by your store and their respective functions.  All transactions take place inside these modules.  For detailed information, see Module Menu.

Additional Information

4. Additional Information
Licensee displays the registered licensee for TransActPOS.
Messenger allows you to send and receive messages to/from other users within the system. For more information on Messenger, see Messenger.
Your local weather is displayed between the Messenger and Report Favorites.
Report Favorites opens your list of reports saved as favorites.  For more information on report favorites, see Favorites.

Notification Area

5. Notification Area
The Notification Area presents messages regarding the status of the system.  You may see any of the following messages:
Message: Mercury Server not running
If the system indicates that the Mercury Server is currently running, the application may be started by starting TransActPOS on the designate "server" computer. If the problem persists, the technical TransActPOS Technical Support Team can assist with resolving the issue.
Message: Update available
Periodically, the TransActPOS application automatically apply updates to the applications as a part of routine maintenance and program enhancements.  When the message appears on a workstation, simply exit TransActPOS and then return to the application by clicking on the TransActPOS icon.  For more information on running updates, see the video Updating the TransActPOS Application.
Message:  Unsent Emails Exist
If an email remains unsent due to an error with the email or the connection to the email server, you can reset the Mercury Server errors.  For details on resetting Mercury Server errors, see Mercury Server "Errors" Message.