TransActPOS - Help Center

TransActPOS Main Menu

The Main Menu displays when TransActPOS is started.  Using the buttons on screen will take you to different sections of TransActPOS or display additional options. The Menu itself is divided into three areas.
TransActPOS Main Menu

Menu Bar

1. Menu Bar

Go to Help ID

Select Help and then Go To Help ID.
Next, enter the Help ID, a topic number provided by the support team or your prior notes regarding a topic.
The Go to Help ID utility is only available from within within the TransActPOS application and not the Online Help available at

System Notification Area

2. System Notification Area
The System Notification Area presents various messages regarding the status of the system to include TransActPOS Build Updates

Message: Mercury Server not running

If the system indicates that the Mercury Server is currently running, the application may be started by starting TransActPOS on the designate "server" computer. If the problem persists, the technical TransActPOS Technical Support Team can assist with resolving the issue.

Message: Update available

Periodically, the TransActPOS application automatically apply updates to the applications as a part of routine maintenance and program enhancements.  When the message appears on a workstation, simply exit TransActPOS and then return to the application by clicking on the TransActPOS icon.
TransActPOS Main Menu

Select Exit

1. Select Exit
Selecting the Exit at the bottom of the Module Selector Pane, prompts the next screen "What do you want to do?".

Select Exit

2. Select Exit
At the "What do you want to do?" prompt:
Select Exit to leave the TransActPOS application.  Upon restarting the TransActPOS application, the system will automatically apply any available system updates.
Select Logout  to log off the current user and remain in the current running session of TransActPOS.  In this instance, Logging off is not equivalent of exiting in a effort to update the system.

Module Selector Pane

The Module Selector Pane is the bar running on the left side of the window, which allows you to switch between the installed modules of TransActPOS.  The modules are groupings of the major functions of TransActPOS. Click the text for brief descriptions (clicking them again will hide the information).
TransActPOS Main Menu

Transaction Date

1. Transaction Date

Point of Sale

2. Point of Sale
Point of Sale module includes the creation of invoices at a workstation that is equipped with accessory devices like receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and credit card processing devices.  Additionally, the module manages point of sale shifts (ZNumbers), Promotions and Sales, reports specific to invoice activities, and monitors transactions.

Accounts Receivable

3. Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable manages the entire scope of the customer relationship to include payment and credit application, customer statement management, customer job management and reporting.

Quotes and Sales Orders

4. Quotes and Sales Orders

Inventory Control

5. Inventory Control

Purchase Orders

6. Purchase Orders

Service Tickets

7. Service Tickets

Options button includes other modules like IOR (Inventory Order and Receipt)

8. Options button includes other modules like IOR (Inventory Order and Receipt)

System Configuration

9. System Configuration

Leave the program to restart

10. Leave the program to restart

Current User Name logged into system

11. Current User Name logged into system
Next is the Main Menu Options Pane. This contains some buttons for commonly used features as well as displaying basic information.

Main Menu Options Pane

TransActPOS Main Menu

Click the TransActPOS to access the About screen

1. Click the TransActPOS to access the About screen
Clicking the TransActPOS logo will open a window that displays the About TransActPOS window.  Information displayed is the Current Build, the Current Launcher Build, how many licenses have been purchased, the serial number, and to whom the product is licensed to.   The What's New button will display what is new in the various build updates.  The License button will display the TransActPOS license agreement.

Gross Sales Comparison

2. Gross Sales Comparison
Left click on the Company Name button to access the Gross Sales Comparison report.
TransActPOS Main Menu

1) Enter Ending Report Date

1. 1) Enter Ending Report Date

2. Click the Refresh icon to update the report contents

2. 2. Click the Refresh icon to update the report contents

To Date Results

3. To Date Results
The To Date reporting information is based upon the Ending Report Date.

Range 1 / Range 2 Sales Totals

4. Range 1 / Range 2 Sales Totals
Enter the custom date ranges for report sales totals outside of the default to date reporting.

Gross Sales Comparison Settings

5. Gross Sales Comparison Settings
  • Select the first day of week:
  • Select how the first week of the year is defined
  • Select Screen Hide options based upon Never, 5, 10, 20 or 30 minute timeouts.

Select OK to Close

6. Select OK to Close
TransActPOS Main Menu

What's New

1. What's New
What's New will provide the release information on the latest TransActPOS builds.

Licensed Modules

2. Licensed Modules
Click the Modules button to review the currently licensed modules activated within the system.


3. License
The License button presents the TransActPOS License Agreement.

Available Coops

4. Available Coops
The Coops button reveals the licensed Coop relationships currently present within the system.

Select OK to Close

5. Select OK to Close

Current installed TransActPOS Build

6. Current installed TransActPOS Build
TransActPOS automatically updates and will present the currently installed version in this field.

Number of Concurrent Users

7. Number of Concurrent Users
Concurrent users are the allow number of users that can connect to the TransActPOS application.  The number of users typically exceeds the number of licenses.  Users are the names of the individuals that have access to the system. The number of User Licenses indicates how many of the users can connect to the system at one time.

SAAS Expiration Date

8. SAAS Expiration Date
For installations utilizing either the Hybrid SAAS or Hosted SAAS installation modules, the License Expires field indicates the date to which the current agreement ends.  Upon periodic payments, this value automatically updates.

Click team phone numbers

9. Click team phone numbers

Retail Data Upload

10. Retail Data Upload
Depending on the type of store, click this button to resend retail sales data to your primary vendor.
Upon clicking the "Resend ZNumber Info," enter the date range of closed ZNumbers you wish to send to Do it Best and click OK to transmit the selected data.

Company Name

The left button displays the company name.  Clicking it now brings up the Gross Sales Comparison screen.
Click here to learn more about Gross Sales Comparison.


Clicking it will log out the current user whose name is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the module selector bar.  If no one is logged in, it does nothing.  It will not terminate the application.
Note:  This is a handy feature for higher security locations. It will quickly logout an administrator or manager, not allowing access to sensitive store information.  To use this feature effectively, give the individual who is administrator or manager a login ID that has user privileges, and another user ID with administrative privileges.  Under normal circumstances, use the login ID with user privileges. If the individual who is administrator or manager needs access to more restrictive information, logout, then login with the user ID that has administrative privileges. When you have completed the task that requires administrative privileges, logout and login with the user ID that has user privileges.

Customer Button

The Customer button is a shortcut to the Customer Information Screen.  If a user without rights to this information tries to access this function, a User Login screen appears. When a user with proper credentials performs a login, full access to the customer record is allowed. From this screen you can find, add, edit, and delete customers in TransActPOS.  For more information, see Customer File Overview.

Inventory Button

Clicking the Inventory button prompts a user to login if they haven't already or if the current user does not have the proper security rights. Once logged on, the Inventory File Maintenance Screen is displayed without showing cost.  If ECatalog is used, double clicking the Cat. Cost field will display catalog cost.  For more information, see Inventory File Overview.

Print Label


Print Discount Days Label

Print Price Contained Label

Prints a label that includes the price of the product within the unique barcode of the product.

Print Standard Price Label

Allows you to locate an item and then print a standard label.

Line Buster Forms

Prints forms to be used with the Line Buster option.

Missed Ops

The Missed Ops button brings up the missed opportunity form. More information about this can be read here.

Shift Status Button

The Shift status button will display Shift Closed if a shift is not open for this workstation.  If the shift is open, you will see a button that says "Open #"  with the corresponding ZNumber being displayed in place of the #.. Clicking this button prompts a user to login if they haven't already or if the current user does not have the proper security rights. Once logged on, an at-a-glance report of all cash registers and their sales for the current shift or all shifts will be displayed.  The report can be printed and is provided for a manager to assess the shifts or days progress at a glance. For more information see Drawer Status Report Detail.

Gross Sales Comparison

The Gross Sales Comparison button will display a yearly, monthly, and weekly sales comparisons.
Click here for more information.


Selecting the Calc Button opens a simple calculator in a separate window.  It includes memory functions, but will not exchange data with TransActPOS.  A nice feature of this calculator is that it will stay visible when changing modules and screens within TransActPOS.

Finance Calc.

Selecting the Finance Calc. Button opens a simple finance calculator in a separate window.  It allows for calculating interest, but will not exchange data with TransActPOS.

Time Clock

Clicking the Time Clock allows users to clock in and out for their shifts.  Entering a correct Employee ID and Password combination will display the user's name, if they will be clocking in or out, and when they last clocked in or out.  It is important to note a user's time clock login name is separate from their TransActPOS login name they use to access the various modules.  

Other Things


Show Times

Show times will display a history of the employee's Clocking In and Clocking Out times.

Help Button

The Help Button links to the online TransActPOS help file.  The user can also open the TransActPOS help file by pressing the  F1 key.
Module Navigation Pane

Current Module

Shows the long name description for the module that is currently selected. In this case, Accounts Receivable.
Only one module from the Module Selector Pane can be selected at a time.  The Module Navigation Pane displays the options for that particular module.  These buttons change depending upon which module is active.

Licensed to:

Located on the bottom center of the TransActPOS Main Menu, The Licensed to: will display the registered licensee for the displayed TransActPOS application.