• Table of contents

Table of contents

Table of Courses
Table of Videos
Point of Simplicity Catalog
Customer Services
Applications and Design
Accounts Receivable
Quotes and Sales Orders
Inventory Control
Wireless Inventory
Purchase Orders
Service Tickets
Equipment Rental
Vendor Communications
Electronic Catalog
Mercury Server
Document Scanning
TransActPOS Tap!
Price Checker
Gift Cards
System Resources
System-Wide Features
eCommerce Solutions
EZAD - EZ-Commerce
Do it Best – eCommerce Solutions
House-Hasson Hardware Co. – eCommerce Solutions
United Hardware – eCommerce Solutions
True Value – eCommerce Solutions
TransActPOS Implementation
The Conversion Process
Third-Party Integration
ses imagotag
Retail Deck
Watcher Total Protection
Verifone Connect
Margin Master
Construction Maestro
PartSmart - ARI Parts Lookup
Google Maps
EZ-AD Digital Signage
SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution
My Card Market Internal Gift Cards
New Media Retailer & Shopify
TransActPOS PAK Series
TransActPOS Functionality List
Payment Types
Inventory Control
Accounts Receivable
Purchase Orders
Quotes and Sales Order
Equipment Rental
Service Tickets
Information Server
General Ledger 3rd Party
Payroll 3rd Party
Accounts Payable 3rd Party
Reporting Capabilities
System Security
Hardware Services
System Prompts or Alerts
TransActPOS Services
Miscellaneous Functionality & Features
Computer and Peripheral Images
Point-of-Sale Workstations
Wireless Devices
Network Components
How to Use the Help Center
How to Find Topics
Help Center - What is a Help ID
Text Features
Using TransActPOS
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Redirect Print Jobs
Reporting in TransActPOS
How to Run a Report
Data View to Extract Customer Information
How to Open Minimized Reports
Data View
Drill Down
Report Controls
Concept Diagrams
Electronic Catalog Diagram
Methods of adding inventory from the electronic catalog
Methods of changing retail prices in inventory
Sales Orders with Purchase Order Integration
Sales Orders without Purchase Order Integration
Module Help
TransActPOS Main Screen
Main Menu Course 00-000-000 Main Menu - Core Processes
Main Screen Videos
Main Screen Video
Updating the TransActPOS Application
Where is my TransActPOS Serial Number?
Menu Bar
Main Menu
Module Menu
Gross Sales Comparison
Time Clock
Point of Sale Module
POS Courses
01-010-1 Point-of-Sale Training #1 - Core Processes
01-080-2 Point-of-Sale Training #2 - Manager Functions
01-080-3 Point-of-Sale Training #3 - Layaway
01-100-1 Internal Gift Cards
POS Videos
01-010-000 POS: Begin Shift (F5)
01-010-001 POS: Close Shift (F5)
SMARTtill: TransActPOS Setup and Open/Close Shift
POS Ring Sale
01-020-001 POS: Item Entry
01-020-002 POS: Multiply Items
01-020-003 POS: Remove Items (F6)
01-020-120 POS: Change Price (F4)
01-020-004 POS: Invoice Comments (F3)
01-020-101 POS: Refund Invoice (Shft + F2)
01-020-006 POS: Ring Sale Information
01-020-007 POS: Serialized Sale
01-020-000 POS: Ring Sale (F2)
Add UPC to POS Description
POS Payment Screen
01-020-005 POS: Open Invoice
01-040-000 POS: Payment Methods
04-070-101 Matrix Prices Explained
04-070-102 Matrix Price Setup
04-070-104 Setup of Promotions for Matrix Groups
POS Maintenance
How to Import a Spreadsheet to Build a Promotion
TransActPOS - Creating Promotion using the Import Feature
How to Build a Picture Grid Layout
Begin-Close Shift (F5)
Begin Shift
Close Shift
Shift Report
Drawer Status Report
Ring Sale
Basic Functions
POS Grid
Enter Item
Multi-unit Priced Items
Select Line
Change Item Quantity
Delete Item
Advanced Search
Item Listing Fields
Line Number
SRC and Price
Extended Price
Gift To
Serial No
Item Details
Ring Sale Functions
Inv Comment (F3)
Change Price (F4)
Remove Item (F6)
Cancel (Ctrl+F10)
Invoice Number
Refund Next Item
Customer Invoices
Gift Given To
Gift Received From
Price Credit
Completing the Refund
Easy XChange
Item Description (F11)
Modify Tax (F5)
Item Notes (F7)
Import (F12)
Gift To
Column Price
Spec Order/Order Item (Shift F12)
Salesperson (F8)
Additional Functions
Contract List
Show Kit
Del Info/Task
End Sale (F2)
Payment Methods
Credit Card
Manual Mode
Automatic Mode
Accepting a Credit Card with No Internet Connection
Finance Company
Account Charge
Gift Card
Manufacture Coupon
Additional Functions
Printed Invoice
Rental (Shift+F2)
Service Tickets (F3)
Open Drawer (F9)
Manager Screen
Reconcile This
Reconcile Selected
Open Reconciled
Closed Suspended Sale
Void Invoice
Reverse Payment
Edit Invoice Header
Sell Rental Item
Adjust Drawer
Drawer Status
Point Functions
Payments (F8)
Pay on Account
Pay on Layaway
Pay on Sales Order
Post Gift Card
Paid Outs
Paid Ins
Cash Check
Gift Cards (F6)
Gift Card Setup
Gift Card Printer Setup
Using Pre-Printed Gift Cards
Sample Pre-printed Gift Certificates
Purchasing a Gift Card
Redeeming a Gift Card
Creating a Gift Card for a Customer Refund
Gift Card Status
Lost or Stolen Gift Cards
Complimentary Gift Cards
Multiple Gift Card Formats
Gift Card Reporting
Ordering and Implementing Internal Gift Cards
RepeatRewards Gift Cards
Layaway (F7)
Creating a Layaway
Layaway Ticket
Main Tab
Detail (F9) Tab
Payments on Layaway
Picking Up Layaway Items
Terminating a Layaway
File Maintenance
Promotion Maintenance
Creating a New Promotion
Importing a Promotion Item List
Importing a Vendor Promotion
Promotion Details
Do it Best Sales/Promotions Listing
Bad Check Maintenance
Grid Layout POS
Grid Layout Rental
POS Reports
Print Invoice
Cash Receipts
Sales Report
Invoice List
Tax File
Delivery Report
Daily Report
Sales by Class Summary
Summary Sales Tax
Credit Card Payments
Charges on Account by Customer ID
Charges On Account by Invoice
Payments On Account
Void Report
Cashier Report
Z-Number Report
Open Shift Report
Sales Tax
Gift Cards
Sales by Day
Paid Outs
Layaway Open
Payment Detail
Drawer Adjust
Special Topics
Round-Up for Charity
Applying Delivery Charges
Policy A Items
Temporary Invoice - Error Recovery
Accounts Receivable Module
AR - Accounts Receivable Courses
02-010-1 Accounts Receivable #1 - Core Processes
02-010-2 Accounts Receivable #2 - TA2QB
02-010-3 Accounts Receivable #3 - General Ledger Accounts
AR - Accounts Receivable Videos
02-010-000 AR: Customer File - Introduction to looking up customers
02-010-001 AR: Customer File - Main Tab
02-010-002 AR: Customer File - Sales Tab
02-010-003 AR: Customer File - Accounting Tab
02-010-004 AR: Customer File - Settings Tab
02-010-005 AR: Customer File - Reports Tab
02-010-006 AR: Customer Information1 - Custom Tab
02-010-007 AR: Customer File - Notes Tab
02-010-008 AR: Add Customer Wizard
02-010-009 AR: Authorized Purchasers
02-040-000 AR: Payment Settings
02-040-001 AR: Payment on Account
02-050-000 AR: Reverse Payment
02-060-000 AR: Statements - Company Setup
02-110-000 AR: Finance Charge
02-060-002 AR: Print Statement
02-111-000 AR: Combine Customers
AR: Best practice for store use of inventory
Managing stored credit cards with Verifone Connect
Locating Historic Sales Information
Emailing Statements - Setup and Processing
How to manually post of Credit Balance Transfer
Print all Open Invoices for a selected customer
The hidden power of the Activity feature
AR - Customer - Status: How to change Inactive Status to Active Status
Customer File
AR Tabs
Main Tab
Sales Info Tab
Accounting Tab
Settings Tab
Pricing Discounts
Contract Pricing
Reports Tab
Gift Report
Charge Invoice
Invoice Detail
Sales Report
Price List
Open Invoices
View Statement
Custom Tab
Notes Tab
Adding a New Customer
Locating Existing Customers
Pay on Account
Payment Discounts
Pay on Layaway
Pay on Sales Order
Post Gift Card
Reverse Payment
Apply Credit
Reverse Credit Application
Print Invoice
Finance Charge
Print Statement
Customer Statement Types
Open Invoice
Open Invoice Detail
Balance Forward
Detail Balance Forward
Collated Balance Forward
EMail Statement
Statement Job Summary
Basic Statement Printing
Understanding Customer Statement Details
AR Comments
Import Customers
Customer List
Customer Entry
Aging Report
Cash Receipts
As Of Aging
Sales Report
Sales by Class
Sales by Zip
Sales Tax
Tax Location
Tax ID Report
Invoice List
Print Invoice
Daily Report
Hourly Sales
Invoice Detail
Class Month Sales
Delivery Report
Delivery Schd
Usage Report
Tab Invoices
Account Pymts
Applied Credits
Stored Cards
Payment Detail
Location Sales
Paid In Full
Special Topics
Constant Contact
Apply Credits through Aging Report
Sales Orders Module
SO Courses
03-010-1 Quotes & Sales Order Training #1 - Core Processes
SO Videos
Sales Orders: Quote Creation
What is the difference between a Quote and a Sales Order?
Quote, Sales Order, and Invoice Relationship Diagram
Sales Orders: Convert Quote to SO
Sales Orders: Special Order/Create PO
Sales Orders: Partial Shipment
Sales Orders: Import into Ring Sale Screen
Sales Orders: SOI Example (Special Order Item)
Sales Orders: Cost Tracking from PO to SO
Sales Orders: Standard and MSRP Quote Formats
Sales Orders: Retaining Prices during a Copy
Get Quantity for Sales Transactions
SO Inventory File
SO Customer File
Create a Sales Order
Sales Order Screen details
Sales Order Screen Options
Sales Order Items on PO
SO Form Comparison
Creating a Special Order
Create a Quote
SO Create a Quote
SO Form Comparison
How Delivery Charges Work in the Sales Order Screen
Item Detail List Sub-Grouping
Group Total Types
Modify Order
Modify Order
Modify SO - Options 1
Modify SO - Options 2
Modify Order - Special Options
Modify Order - Contractors
SO Form Comparison
SO Ship an Order
SO Reports
Aging Report
Listing Report
Simple List
Written Sales
Action Report
Approved Sales Order Worksheet
Receive Special Order
Ship Recurring Overview
SO2PO Enhanced
SO2PO Process
SO Special Topics
Invoice Sum-total Document Format
Inventory Control Module
IC - Inventory Control Courses
04-010-1 Inventory Control Training #1 - Vendors and Ecatlog Primer
04-010-2 Inventory Control Training #2 - The IC General Tab
04-010-3 Inventory Control Training #3 - Pricing
04-010-5 Inventory Control - Importing an Electronic Catalog
04-010-6 Inventory Control - Mass Item Changes
04-010-9 Inventory Control Training - Vendor Swap
04-010-10 Inventory Control - Physical Inventory Process
E-Catalog Price Control with GP%
IC - Inventory Control Videos
01-100-002 IC: E-Catalog Introduction
04-010-001 IC: Inventory File General Tab
04-010-002 IC: Retail/Cost/GP%
04-010-005 IC: Item Types
04 070 102 Matrix Price Setup
04-010-009 IC: Multiple Selling Units
04-010-010 IC: Unit of Measure/Stock and Purchase Unit
04-040-001 IC: Create New Vendor
04 070 101 Matrix Prices Explained
04 070 103 Matrix Price Overrides with Promotions
04 070 104 Setup of Promotions for Matrix Groups
04-080-000 IC: Adjust Cost
04-100-001 IC: Electronic Catalog Discussion
Selling Cut Glass by the Square Inch
Associated Items: Comment Item
Import Inventory Spreadsheet directly into Inventory and creating purchase orders from CSV files
Exporting a specific Vendor Item List with Manufacturer Model
Wireless Process Updates
What are the results of a No Discount Item during a sale to a customer with a sales discount?
Using the Item Clone Button
Margin Master Price Update Process
Processing the True Value WOW Event Order
Purchase Order receipt with purchase discount effect on Average Weighted Cost
Exporting a specific Vendor Item List with Manufacturer Model
How to use Data View to interact directly with data
Ghost Report Auto Post Process Review Video
10 Percent Coupon for Game Day Discounts
Paint Care Fee - Setup and Use
Inventory File
Inventory File Overview
IC Advanced Search
New Item Wizard
Types of Inventory
Kits Overview
Creating Kits
Selling a Kit Item
Serialization Overview
Setup of Serialized Inventory
Serial No.s
Adding Serialized Items to Inventory
Issuing Serialized Items
Exchanging Serial Numbers
Adjusting Cost
Selling a Serialized Item
Variable Cost
Variable Cost %
Variable Cost % Example
Fee Item
PaintCare Fee Overview
Understanding the PaintCare Fee purpose
TA Gift Card
General Tab
Stock Alert
Print Label
Sales History
No Mass Change
Adjust Qty
Adjust Cost
Associated Items
Item Navigation filter
Gross Profit %
Absolute Mins
Dimensional Calculator
Prices Tab
Column Pricing
Quantity Pricing
Sale Pricing
Contract Pricing
Quantity Break Price for Single UOM
Quantity Break Price for Different UOM
Overview of Quantity Break Price for Different UOM
Quantity Break Pricing Cut Length
Selling Unit to Pricing Relationship
Example of a four price matrix
Example: Single
Example: 6 Pack
Example: 12 Pack
Example: 24 Pack
What happens at Point of Sale?
Lookup By Tab
Sales Tab
GL Accts Tab
Notes Tab
Sales Report
Serial Numbers
Price Changes
On Layaways
On SOs
On POs
On Srv Tkts
Vendor Hierarchy - Who's on First?
Setup Tab
Reports Tab
Notes Tab
Floor Plans
Issue Inventory
Receive Inventory
Package/Lot Break
Package Break
Lot Numbers
Understanding Units of Measure and Factor
Assigning Matrix of Lot Number to SKUs
Creating Lot Groups
Adding On-Hand Quantity to Lots
How Lot Break Works
Mass Pricing
Generate New
Mass Price Lists
Price Schemes
Scheme Matrix
Mass Price Adj
Physical Inventory
IC Maintenance Overview
Import-Export Overview
Import Items
Zero Onhands
Contract Prices
Export Items
Data Templates
Electronic Catalog
Import Catalog
Know the data before you import
Import Mfgs
UPC Update
Having Trouble Importing an E-Catalog
Import Vendors
Maestro Update
Margin Master
IME Interface
Simple Item Import
Combine Items
Vendor Change
ECatalog Price Control
Multi-Unit Price Tool
Recalc Order Mins
Theory Behind Forecasting Reorder Quantities in TransActPOS
Ghost Item Auto-Post
How to use the Ghost Item Auto-Post
Mass Item Changes
Mass Change via List
Updating and Printing Price Labels within Multistore
Stock Alert Overview
Support Files
<GL Item Sale Code>
Check Lists
Unit of Measure
Product Codes
Quantity Codes
Issue Reasons
IUP Codes
Customer Types
Users Locations
Discount Groups
Rounding Table
Price Book Maintenance
Recommended Items
Electronic Catalog
MPLS Integration
How to export data from MPLS
1. Models Sorting
2. Select Fields
3. Export File Specification
4. Create Export File
Importing into Inventory Control
Adding ECatalog Items to Inventory
Locating Imported Inventory
IC Reports
Item Listing
Item Entry
As Of Report
Item History
Kit Listing
Physical Sheets
Price List
Label Queue
Sales Report
Sales Tax Report
Hot Items
Slow Items
Vendor Listing
Track Serial #
Out of Bounds
Returns Report
Item Ranking
Location Label
Ghost Items
Sales Since
Vendor Parts
Other Prices
Item Units
PDA Export
Price Ending
Serial Number
Price Changes Report
Single History
Issued Items
Special Topics
Setting Up Delivery Charges
Setting Up Propane Tank Exchange
Purchase Orders Module
PO - Purchase Orders Courses
05-010-1 Purchase Order Training #1 - Core Processes
PO - Purchase Orders Videos
05-010-001 PO: Send Do It Best Order
05-010-003 PO: Reorder Report based on Sales
05-010-004 PO: Reorder Report Based on MIN/MAX
05-020-001 PO: Receive Do It Best Order
Importing a Hillman Invoice into a Purchase Order
Opening a Closed Purchase Order
Purchase Order receipt with purchase discount effect on Average Weighted Cost
Inventory File
Create PO
Creating Purchase Orders Overview
Creating a new Purchase Order
Purchase Order - Main Tab
Purchase Order - Detail Tab
Submitting Purchase Orders
DIB Orders
Receive PO
Receive Purchase Order
Modify PO
Modify Purchase Orders
Modify Main Tab
Modify Detail Tab
Combine POs
Block POs
Purchase Order Reports
PO Listing
PO Receipts
PO Invoice Aging Report
Service Ticket Module
Service Ticket Courses
09-010-1 Service Tickets Training #1 - Service Support Files
09-010-2 Service Tickets Training #2 - Managing Service Tickets
Service Ticket Videos
Service Ticket: Creation
Service Ticket: Activity Report Review
Service Ticket: PartSmart Integration
Service Ticket: Adding Images to Service Tickets
Service Ticket: Adding Items
Service Ticket: Create Invoice
Service Support Files Overview
Service Persons
Work Types
Work Status
Work Description
Service Performed
Service Grid
Service Tickets
Creating a Service Ticket
Main Tab
Detail Tab
PO Info Tab
Invoicing Service Tickets
Warranty Overview
Using Warranty
Service Clock
Form Editor
Service Reports Overview
Ticket Report
Completed Tkts
Service Times
Service Special Topics
Bench Fees/Deposits
Generating an Estimate
Options Module
Options Courses
Wireless Courses
07-020-1 Wireless Training
IOR (Inventory Orders and Receipts) Courses
07-010-1 IOR Training - Do It Best
07-010-7 IOR Training #7 - IOR Claims with Do it Best
07-010-2 IOR Training - True Value
07-010-3 IOR Training - United Hardware
07-010-5 IOR Training - Orgill
eCommerce Courses
04-010-12 Do it Best Same Day Pickup MOCE Setup
Options Videos
Electronic Catalog Videos
Review of the broad topic of Electronic Catalogs and Multiple Vendors
What is the TransActPOS Electronic Catalog
How to import a vendor's catalog into TransActPOS (A to Z)
Importing Electronic Catalogs - Original
Importing Electronic Catalogs
House Hasson - How to update Retail Prices in the Electronic Catalog
Importing a Big Green Egg Catalog - Part 1
Importing a Big Green Egg Catalog - Part 2
Do it Best Videos
Do it Best - How to Export a Purchase Order to a CSV file and import into Do it Best Bulk Orders
Internal Gift Cards Videos
Internal Gift Card Serial Number Creation
Creating a gift card and making a purchase with a gift card
IOR Menu
IOR Complete Invoice - Catalog vs Retail Price Editing
Wireless Videos
Wireless Process Updates
Zebra TC25 Auto-rotate screen correction
Zebra Wireless TC Device - Controls
United Hardware Videos
What is the United Hardware Market List?
United Hardware - Market List File Processing 2020
United Hardware - Market List File Processing
United Hardware - Consolidated Invoice Receipt and Price Updates
Electronic Shelf Labels Videos
ses imagotag implementation
TransActPOS integration with ses imagotag Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)
IOR Menu
IOR Overview - Do it Best
Do it Best Setup
Do it Best Screens
Do it Best Communications
DIB Receipt
DIB Export
DIB Pricing
Do it Best Reports
Reorder Report
Do it Best Show Order
Do it Best Statement
Do it Best Ship To Store
Do it Best A-Copy Reports
Do it Best EDI Invoices
Do it Best Utilities
Do it Best Bar Code Sheet
Do it Best Maintenance
All Item Import
Reverse a received consolidated invoice
PAR Program
IMCS Program
Order Confirmation
Update Images
POS Load File
Upload Full IMCS
Planogram Order
DIB Reward Mntc
UPCs Additions
Open Invoice
MOCE Export
Do it Best Planogram Order
Do it Best Member Info
Warehouse On-Hand Quantity
Do it Best Same Day Pickup MOCE Setup
Third Party Vendor
Do It Best - Resubmitting Retail Sales Data
IOR Overview - True Value Company
True Value Company - IOR Processing Explained
Where is the MRI Invoice Number
Reversing a MRI Order received incorrectly
True Value IOR Menu - Screens
True Value IOR Communications Screen
True Value IOR Receipt Screen
True Value IOR Export Screen
True Value IOR Pricing Screen
True Value IOR Menu - Reports
True Value PARC Orders
Ship Later
True Value Ship To Store
True Value MRI Reports
True Value EDI Invoices
True Value Special Use Order Quantities
True Value IOR Menu - Utilities
True Value IOR Utility - Bar Code Sheet
True Value IOR Utility - Maintenance
True Value IOR Utility - Member Info
IOR Overview - Orgill
Orgill Screens
Orgill Communications
Orgill Receipt
Orgill Export
Orgill Pricing
Orgill Reports
Reorder Report
Orgill Receipt Report
Orgill Utilities
Orgill Bar Code Sheet
Orgill Maintenance
Orgill Member Info
Orgill - Multiple Warehouse Enhancement
IOR Overview - United Hardware
United Hardware Screens
United Hardware Communications
United Hardware Receipt
United Hardware Export
United Hardware Pricing Screen
United Hardware Reports
United Reports
Reorder Report
United A-Copy Reports
United Hardware Utilities
United Utilities
United Bar Code Sheet
United Maintenance
United Store Information
IOR Overview - House Hasson
House Hasson Hardware Screens
House Hasson Screens
House Hasson Communications
House Hasson Receipt
House Hasson Export
House Hasson Pricing
House Hasson Reports
House Hasson Reports
Reorder Report
House Hasson A-Copy Reports
House-Hasson Utilities
House-Hasson Bar Code Sheet
House-Hasson Maintenance
House-Hasson Store Information
Technical Notes
EZ Marketing
TransActPOS Physical Item Maintenance
TransActPOS Item Receipt Maintenance
TransActPOS Item Issue Maintenance
Wireless Devices
Selecting Wireless Modules Overview
Wireless Setup
Wireless Overview
Wireless Diagram
Wireless Setup Notes
Wireless Inventory
Wireless Inventory
Auto Button Combinations
Auto Label
Auto Location
Auto Physical
Inventory - Sales
Inventory - Mfg
Inventory - Misc.
Inventory - Edit
Inventory - Image
Inventory - Print Labels
Inventory - Lookup By
Inventory - Adjust Quantity
Inventory - Order Item
Wireless Inventory Adjustments
Wireless Adjustment Physical Inventory
Wireless Adjustment Inventory Receipt
Wireless Adjustment Issue Inventory
Adding a New Item
Wireless Ship Sales Order
Wireless IOR Receipt
Wireless Registry
Logon Message
Electronic Catalog Menu Overview
E-Catalog Reports
E-Catalog Functions
eCatalog Maintenance
Wallace Hardware CSV Import
Managing Substitute Items
Club Programs
Repeat Rewards
How to Set Up Repeat Rewards Coupons
How to Set Up Repeat Rewards Members
Using Coupons
Internal Rewards
Club Program Members
Club Program Plan Maintenance
Club Program Modify Coupon
Club Program Test Print Coupon
Club Program Listing Report
Gift Registry
Gift Registry Overview
Creating a Gift Registry
Adding Gift Items
Reporting Gift Transactions
Steps to using the Registry during POS
Clearing the Symbol 1504
Gift Card Mainenance
Gift Card Maintenance
Card Market Submission Instructions
Rental Courses
07-030-1 Rental Training #1 - System Configuration
07-030-2 Rental Training #2 - Inventory Configuration
07-030-3 Rental Training #3 - Contract Processing
Rental Videos
Rental: Company Setup
Rental: Item Screen
Rental: Contract Creation
Rental System Setup
Creating Rental Fee Items
Rental Grid
Rental Items
Rent Units
Rental (Shift + F2)
Rental Main Tab
Rental Items Tab
Merchandise Tab
Rental Reports Tab
Creating a Rental Contract
Rental Agreement Forms
Do it Best
True Value
Checking Out
Checking In
Refunding a Cleaning Fee
Rental Reports
Rental Items
Rental Prices
Open Items
Item Analysis
Customer List
Rental Messages
Price Checker
System Resource Module
System Videos
Repeat Rewards Setup and Integration
TransActPOS "Areas" Option Explained
Company Setup
Company Information
Information Server
POS Information 1
POS Information 2
POS Information 3
Store Watcher Server IP
Payment Types
GL Accounts - Page 1
GL Accounts - Page 2
GL Accounts - Page 3
Inventory Page 1
Inventory Page 2
Inventory Page 3
Minimum Gross Profit Margin
Gift Card
Accounts Receivable 1
Accounts Receivable 2
Credit Options
Accounts Receivable 3
Purchase Orders 1
Purchase Orders 2
IOR - True Value
IOR - Do it Best
Loyalty - DIB (Do it Best)
True Rewards - TV
Sales Orders 1
Sales Orders 2
Service Tickets 1
Service Tickets 2
Service Tickets 3
Wireless Option
Rental Manager Pg 1
Rental Manager Pg 2
Rental Manager Pg 3
Rental Manager Pg 4
Registry Program
Frequent Buyer Program
JDF Multi-use
Clothing Matrix
Workstation Setup Overview
System Tab
General Tab
Extended Display
Printing Tab
2 Up Invoice Format Setup
Options Tab
Extended Tab
Display Pole
Time Clock Overview
Employee Maintenance
Employee Listing
Edit Times
Posting Report
Release Time
Clocking In / Clocking Out
Decimal Table for Minutes Posted
Security Overview
Security Groups
Security Option - Passwords
User Security Access codes Access Codes
GL Release
Sage 50 GL Posting
QuickBooks release
Setup QuickBooks Integration
Errors with TA2QB
Exporting Peachtree Chart of Accounts
Configuration of Peachtree Import
Peachtree Journal Report
Peachtree Accounting Overview
Importing Chart of Accounts
Importing a GL Release into Peachtree
General Ledger Export from TransActPOS
Export CSV File
General Ledger (GL) Release
Release General Ledger Postings
Saving the export file
Form and Label Overview
Form/Label Editor
Types of Labels and Formats
Report Controls
Adding Barcodes to Forms
Adding Location to a Label
Adding UPC Code to a Label
Creating Short Barcodes
Example of a Gift Card
Example of a Half Page Display Label
Example of a Color Laser Invoice
Sample Barcodes
Available field variables for Labels
Explanation of cSMargin and cEMargin
Support Files Overview
Sales Tax Setup Guide
Sales Tax Menu
Customer Types
Taxable Item Types
Non-Tax Types
Adjusting Sales Tax on Existing Invoices
Ag Tax Setup and Example Transactions
Customer Terms
Creating Customer Terms
Customer Payment Discounts
Customer Terms
C.O.D. Terms
Finance Company Terms
Tab Invoices
Processing Tab Invoices
Return Reasons
Explain Sales Codes
GL Sales Codes
GL Accounts
State / Country Maintenance
EZAd Setup Information
File Maintenance Overview
Pack and Index
Repair Files
Reset Tempinv.xml
File Check
Statement Reset
Reset GL Release
Update Menu Overview
The Update Process
Resolving Problems with FTP Access for Updates
Directory Detail of TransActPOS Workstation
Directory Detail of TransActPOSServer
System Reports Overview
GL Distribution
Sales Statistics
Understanding Sales Statistics
Comp Sales
Config Schd Rpts
Run Sch Rpts
Email Reports
Gift Reg Item
Event Log Overview
Web Support Overview
Serial No. / Act. Code Overview
Mercury Server Module
Mercury Server Videos
Mercury Server Email Password Update
Mercury Server Overview
Mercury Server "Errors" Message
Mercury Server Logs
Mercury Server Processes
Third-Party Integrations
Document Scanning and Management - Overview
Operation of Application
Installation Procedure
Support Files
SMARTtill Overview
SMARTtill Installation & Setup
Section 1: Hardware Setup
Section 2: Driver/Utility Installation
Section 3: TransActPOS Configuration
Section 4: Calibrating SMARTtill
Section 5: SMARTtill Reset
Section 6: Best Practices
TransActPOS Texting
Regulatory Compliance
Billing Process
Texting Setup
Customer Management
Preset Text Messages
Text Monitor
Entry into the Texting Relationship
Retail Deck by RWS - Retailer Web Services
TransActPOS: Texting
Texting Videos
TransActPOS Texting Example
TransActPOS Texting Introduction
TransActPOS Texting - QR Code Placement
Texting Help
Texting Help
Twilio - Stripe Manager Application Help File
Document Scanning Process
Customer Screen
Manager Mode
Plan Maintenance
Customer Maintenance
Create Coupons
Printer Setup
Reports Index
Reports Index by Module
Reports Index by Subject
Class Not Registered
Managing a multi-vendor relationships: Orders and Pricing
Example of a multi-vendor SKU
Sales Order: Action Report
Actions Needed
Catalog Management
Parts Unlimited
How to Generate a Price File
Western Power Sports
How to Generate a Price File
How to download the Price File
Surcharge Module
Surcharge Overview
Visa Core Rules and Visa Product and Service Rules
Dual Pricing versus Surcharge
Sample Debit and Credit Transactions
Debit Card Transaction
Credit Card Transaction
Cash Receipt
Surcharge Item Setup
Sales and Use Tax
Surcharge Item Reporting
Sales Orders
Accounts Receivable
Surcharge Articles from other sources
LayPay.com Article
Credit Card Processor Status Sites
Verifone Courses
Posting a Credit within Verifone Portal (IPCharge) Customer Instructions
Posting a Credit to Point within Verifone - IPCharge.com
Verifone Videos
Verifone M400 Installation
Verifone M400 Use Cases
Verifone M400 Sample Transaction
Verifone Portal Creating a Credit
Hardware Setups
Hardware Setup Videos
Two Cash Drawer Setup
Single Cash Drawer Setup
Receipt Printer Setup
Server Setup
Zebra TLP 2824 Setup
Setup of a Workstation UPS
Setup of a Server UPS
Workstation Installation
HP Laser Printer Installation
Unifi Access Point Setup
Zebra TC Series Wireless Handheld Setup
Zebra QLN Wireless Belt Printer
Network Basics Explained
Cash Drawer Placement
Epson Ethernet Adapter Card
Understanding the print queue
Verifone MX Setup
Extended Display Option
EOM-375 Wireless Barcode Scanner
Quick Setup Guide - Page 1
Quick Setup Guide - Page 2
Symbol LI4278 Linear Imager - Wireless
Quick Start Guide
How To
Topics of Coupons
Creating Coupons
Coupon Types
Percent Off Coupons
Minimum Purchase
Percent Off Absolute
Setting Up a Buy One Get One Coupon
Coupons - Sales Discount
No Tax Coupon Day Sale
Topics of Price
Mass Price Changes
Quantity Prices
Setting Up Cut Prices
Setting Up Cut Glass
Updating Prices from ECatalog Update
Contractor Prices
Multi Unit Pricing for Sandpaper
Zero Priced Item Discounting
Contract Pricing
Updating Inventory Retail Prices from an Electronic Catalog Update
Methods of changing retail prices in inventory diagram
Pricing Discounts
Quantity Break Price for Single UOM
Topics of Ecatalog
Load an ECatalog into TransActPOS
Topics of Rental
Creating Rental Items
Topics of types of inventory
Creating a Kit
Creating a Class
Adding Serialized Items
How to Set up TransActPOS to Calculate Cut Glass
Set up TransActPOS to Calculate Cut Glass
Topics of inventory structure
Marking Item Discontinued
Bench Fee Item
Broken In-Stock Items
Shipping Charges
Environmental Fees
Departmental Non-Stock Sales
How to Add UPCs to Lookup
Locating Items within Inventory
Marking an Item That is Discontinued
Fix a discontinued SKU
Adding UPCs to Item Lookup
Managing Substitute Items
Adjust Inventory On-hand Quantity
Finding Item Incorrectly
Finding Items with $0.00 Average Cost
Adding Serialized Items to Inventory
Delete Classes
Past Invoice Cost Adjustment
Topics of Inventory Reorders
Reorder Process
Dynamic Ordering
Topics of Promotions
Importing a list of items into a Promotion
Create Promotions
Removing Past Promotions
Set-Up a Percent Off Sale
Early Bird Sale
Cleaning Out Promotions
Topics of Inventory Management
The Inventory Cycle
Broken In-Stock Items
Ring Sale Procedures
Creating an Invoice
Reprinting Invoices
Shared Purchases
Shipping Charges
Refunding Sales Tax
No Tax items for Taxable Customers
Line Buster
Credit Card Validation
IC Ecatalog Price Control New Price File
Sales Orders
Set Up Contractor Mode in Sales Orders Quotes
Cost on Special Order Items
Creating a Quote
Creating a Sales Order
Reversing a Deposit
Processing Special Orders
Purchase Orders
Reordering Process
Items Returned to Vendor
Review Resulting Purchase Order
How to reboot a server hosting TransActPOS
Setting Up a Static IP for Printer
Saving a file from Terminal Server workstation
Alternate Method to Changing Sounds at the Workstation
How to get sound in RDP Session
Accounts Receivable
Create Customer Terms
Post Beginning Balances
Write Off a Bad Account
Understanding Finance Charges
Credit a customer finance charge
Print customer statements?
Identifying Customer Payments on Invoices
Reporting Sales Tax Collected on Single Customer
Return a credit to a customer
Communicating Vendors Topics
Do it Best
Do it Best PO Information
Do it Best Rewards
Submitting a DIB Order without Internet
Update Retail upon Electronic Invoice Receipt
True Value
True Value EDLP (Every Day Low Price)
True Value's 40 30 30 Seasonal Program
Destination True Value
True Value Generated Price Tags and Bin Labels
Pricing Change Behavior and Options specific to True Value
PARC Orders Overview
Point sheet for C4P
ECatalog Price Control Overview
Downloading Connect 4 Profit File From MembersOnline
IC ECatalog Price Control Step by Step (True Value)
IC ECatalog Price Control for True Value Variable Price Program
Connect for Profit Order Form
Submitting a True Value Order without Internet
All Item Download
How to Skip Order Confirmation Printing for True Value Stores
Setting up Orgill as a IOR Vendor
Submitting an Orgill Order without Internet
Orgill - IOR Installation Check List
United Hardware
United Hardware Submitting Order without Internet
Emery Jensen
How to Update Emery Jensen Catalog Information on a routine basis
Service Tickets
Creating Service Notes
Document Scanning and Management
Document Scanning and Management
Business Procedures
Schedule for TransActPOS Tasks and Maintenance
Payment Center
Mobile Point of Sale Options
What is Line Buster?
Wireless Handheld with Line Buster
Required Equipment:
Tablet with Line Buster
Required Equipment
Wireless Handheld with Line Buster and Verifone e285 Credit Card device
Required Equipment
Tablet with Line Buster and Verifone e285 Credit Card device
Required Equipment:
Quick Demo on Suggested Ordering and Alternate Vendor Suggested Orders
Messages and Error Codes
Can not display invoices
Cannot Find 51 when Starting Wireless
Epson U-375 Not Printing
Error 1705
Error 1957 - Printer not found
Error 2091
File access is denied d:\transactpos\tapresrce.dbf
Invoice Creation Error
Display Pole Errors
Printer Installation and Kernel Error
Slow Startup of TransActPOS application
Text not appearing on invoice
Web Interactive Issues
How to fix a discontinued SKU
Finding Item Incorrectly
Purchase Order Locked
Multiple Part Numbers
Item Not Appearing on PO after Reorder Report
Cash Drawer Won't Open (on Epson printer)
Report Printout is Cut Off
Reports cut off on right side
Updating and Printing Price Labels Multistore
Inter-Store Transfers
<TODO : Topic name>
Habitat Restore
Declining Sale Price Labels